Original Music

Recordings from the Åland Islands

The combination of modular synthesizer and viola is an uncommon one, but Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer manage to create a distinctive dyad that comes together with grace and truth. They’ve accomplished this by bringing much more than their respective axes to the table. Years of collaboration, cohabitation, shared experience, and separate but equally inspired commitments to utilitarian cultural work bind their disparate timbres together into a singular aesthetic reality.

The two artists met, appropriately, as members of a large ensemble performing Terry Riley’s “In C,” for an annual concert organized by Bitchin Bajas at Chicago modern music hub Constellation. Honer & Chiu had been living and working in Chicago for a long time, both active members of the notoriously interconnected improvisational and experimental music scenes, but they were somehow previously unintroduced. Chiu’s musical CV to that point included work with bands like Icy Demons and Chandeliers, but he was mostly known for his visual and graphic design work as Some All None. Honer had primarily worked as an instructor in Chicago, as well as a member of the ensemble Quartet Datura. In 2014, a year after their first collaboration, together, they decided to migrate to Los Angeles to continue developing their respective careers and crafts in sunnier climes.


King Georg, Cologne GE - 2023
Odyessus Festival, Helsinki FL - 2023
Kings Place, London UK - 2023

Rewire Festival, The Hauge NL - 2022
Columbia Experimental Music Festival, Columbia MO - 2022
Cafe Oto, London UK - 2022
Live at Low End, Bemis Center of Contemporary Arts, Omaha NE - 2022
Intl Athem Presents ‘In The Round’, Thalia Hall, Chicago IL - 2022